working capital

24 Apr

CardTech Enterprises

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided a second round of funding to Phoenix, AZ. based CardTech Enterprises who used their First Data Portfolio to obtain the additional financing they were seeking. BlueSquare has had a longstanding relationship with CardTech and are pleased to have provided them the additional funding they needed. “BlueSquare quickly structured a take out of our existing debt and provided a new facility that actually was a lesser payment than our original loan. They did this all within 3 days, the process was very easy.” Said James Adkinson, CEO of CardTech Enterprises.

01 Sep


BlueSquare is pleased to have provided funding to North Carolina based NMS. NMS used their First Data Residuals to collateralize the working capital they were seeking to continue to grow their regional sales efforts and open an additional office just outside of Charlotte. Under the agreement, NMS executed a new ISO Agreement with BlueSquare who will work closely with the NMS team to ensure quick account boarding and deployment services as well as industry leading pricing that will enable NMS to continue to quickly scale but also ensure a highly competive price to their merchants.

18 Jul

Integrated Business Technologies

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided funding to Miami, Fl. based Integrated Business Technologies, (IBT). IBT used their iPayment, TransFirst, Co-Card and Card Connect residuals as the collateral for the loan from BlueSquare. IBT will use the proceeds to further build out their sales and marketing channels.

11 Jul

Nova Merchant Services

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided funding to Greensboro, NC. based Nova Merchnat Services. Under the funding agreement, Nova has executed an ISO agreement with BlueSquare and will use the proceeds to continue to build out their national sales teams. “Nova has grown exponentially year over year, has top caliber management and knows how to scale their business, the ideal type of company BlueSquare is interested in partnering with.” Said, Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare.

30 Jun

Securus Payments

BlueSquare is pleased to have completed a Hybrid financial transaction with Excel Corporation (EXCC), wholly-owned subsidary, Payprotec Oregon, LLC dba Securus Payments. Securus executed new financing arrangements with BlueSquare’s funding arm, BlueAcre Ventures, LLC whereby Securus sold $100,000 of its monthly residuals for an immediate cash payment of $2.8 million, with the ability to receive additional cash payments totaling $400,000 over the next three years. BlueAcre also loaned $1.2 million to the Company under a promissory note with interest rate reductions based on the achievement of certain milestones with respect to signing new merchant customer applications under a newly formed ISO Agreement with BlueSquare. Excel Corporation’s new CEO and President, T. A. “Kip” Hyde, Jr. stated, “When our new CFO, Bob Winspear and I joined Excel in mid-May, we recognized that our first priority was the restructuring and repurchase of the merchant portfolio residual base previously sold by our Securus subsidiary. After evaluating multiple offers, the unique hybrid residual sale and term loan financing structure provided to us by BlueAcre Ventures was clearly the most financially beneficial transaction for the Company, maximizing both the initial cash payment and retention of our most valuable current asset, Securus’ merchant portfolio. In addition, BlueAcre’s processing affiliate, BlueSquare Resolutions brings a number of new sales tools and strategic benefits, unavailable from our other bidders. Completing this series of transactions was a team effort, and sets a firmer financial foundation for the Company to continue growing. We look forward to growing our merchant sales and leasing business with both our current primary partner, First Data Merchant Services, and new partner, BlueSquare Resolutions.”

Additional information regarding this financing may be found in Excel Corporation’s Report on Form 8-K, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 7, 2014 and may be obtained from the SEC’s Internet website at

12 Jun

Swipe Gateway

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided funding to San Francisco, CA. based Swipe Gateway who used their Portfolio Residuals to obtain the loan. Swipe Gateway is using the infusion of working capital to continue to invest in R & D and further exapnd their sales channels. BlueSquare continues to be the go to source for payment space related companies looking for alternative financing options.

10 Jun

1st US Merchant Services

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided funding to Los Angeles, CA. based 1st US Merchant Services who used their TransFirst, Jet Pay, EMS, TransNational and PowerPay Portfolios to obtain the loan. 1st US Merchant Services is using the working capital to open an additional office in the greater Los Angeles area. “BlueSquare and 1st US Merchant Services worked creatively together to provide maximum financing with the flexible terms that were important to 1st US Merchant Services.” Said Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare Resolutions.

13 May

Merchant Credit Card Services Inc.

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided funding to Germantown, MD. based Merchant Credit Card Services Inc. who used their Signature Card Services Portfolio as the collateral to obtain the loan. Merchant Credit Card Services Inc. will use the capital to futher invest in its sales and makrting initiatives to drive additional revenue growth. “BlueSquare continues to be the preferred lender for top caliber ISO’s like Signature Card Services. Working with BlueSquare allows us to help our sales partners achieve the liquidity that they need from time to time and to use the capital to further invest in their businesses.” Said, Aaron Slominski, Senior Vice President, Signature Card Services.

07 May

Empire ATM

BlueSquare is pleased to have provided a new Credit Facility to Empire ATM based in Jackson, NJ. Empire ATM will used the funding to further grow their sales efforts including a new armored car cash loading service that Empire ATM will be rolling out in the greater Tri-State Area. “Empire ATM in conjunction with Columbus Data Systems is recognized as a leader in the Industry and BlueSquare couldnt be happier about the new partnership we have developed with them.” Said Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare Resolutions.