What's a Visa/MasterCard Payroll card? It's a reloadable prepaid card you can use everywhere debit cards are accepted. Each pay period you full pay is loaded onto the card and available immediately on payday — similar to direct deposit.

The Payroll Card Advantage

  • Get paid faster – pay is loaded onto the card on payday for instant access to your money.
  • Just like direct deposit — even if you do not have a bank account.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your pay is automatically available and accessible through your card.
  • Use your card and enjoy the flexibility to shop or pay bills by phone, online, or mail. The Payroll card is welcome anywhere Visa/MasterCard debit cards are accepted.
  • No more check-cashing or money order fees. No waiting in lines to cash your checks.
  • Get cash when you need it at ATMs or with cash-back with purchase at many merchants.
  • Everyone qualifies. Get one without a credit check or bank account.

The Visa/MasterCard General Purpose Reloadable card provides underserved consumers with the prestige, convenience and safety of Visa/MasterCard branded cards. It was designed for the nearly 80 million consumers who don't have bank accounts, have limited access to credit and/or use check cashing services.

Visa/MasterCard General Purpose Reloadable Cards can be used to pay bills, obtain cash at ATMs and make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including Internet and mail order merchants. And, adding Interlink® and Plus® brand marks on the card provides expanded acceptance for cardholders.

*Visa/MasterCard General Purpose Reloadable cards can also be used for commercial purposes. They provide an ideal option for any business needing to reduce cost and operational overhead by replacing payments using checks and cash with a payment card. The Visa/MasterCard Commercial card is well-suited for business applications such as employee expense/travel, petty cash, reward/incentive card programs and government disbursement programs such as Social Security, unemployment and child support.

Our higher education/campus card is schooling the competition.

Financial disbursements for students and staff are not only time consuming but costly when issuing paper checks or using a traditional ACH process. Free up your valuable resources from processing, handling and managing financial aid credit balances, campus refunds and even payroll for students and staff with a simpler, proven and effective solution.

Here's how it works:

  • Our partner bank creates a prepaid debit card for each student to make on- and off-campus purchases without opening up a checking or savings account.
  • School-branded prepaid cards satisfying Title IV, Regulation E and PCI requirements are mailed to students.
  • Your staff calculates the excess disbursement amounts and distributions, then prepares a non-proprietary, simple ACH file and submits it to the bank to load student debit cards.
  • Students access their cards balance, choose their disbursement delivery method, set up alerts and view their transaction history all through an online portal.
  • Eliminate 98% of returned checks.
  • Stop the collection and maintenance of students’ personal bank account information.
  • Disburse all financial aid credit balances, campus refunds, college work- study, and payroll directly to students.
  • Comply with PCI and Title IV regulations, FDIC Insured and Reg E.
  • Meet the delivery needs of all students through choice: card, check or direct deposit.

And your students can:

  • Receive funds 5-7 days sooner than with traditional checks.
  • Choose their delivery method: card, check or direct deposit.
  • Use their prepaid debit card anywhere debit cards are accepted.