BlueSquare’s, integrated, online Bill Payment Solution allows merchants to manage their accounts receivable online, generate and distribute email invoices, and receive electronic payments – without the additional costs of maintaining a separate website or purchasing expensive accounting software.

Reduce Expenses
Merchants can reduce the amount of time and money normally spent on manually generating and mailing paper invoices.

By automating the accounting process, merchants can expect to receive customer payments quicker and deposit money in the bank faster.

Reduce Errors
With a direct deposit of payments, “bad check” expenses are minimized and late payments from customers are reduced.

Merchants can utilize the bill pay solution in conjunction with our automated inventory management system.

Since all customer data is stored on a PCI-compliant, Secure Payment Gateway, merchants are assured that sensitive data won’t be compromised.

Social Media / Loyalty
When you provide a simple, consistent way for your customers to pay online, they tend to be loyal. And people tend to let everyone know when they like something.