08 Apr

ProPoint Card Services

BlueSquare is pleased to announce the acquisition of ProPoint Card Services, a First Data ISO located in Tiverton, Rhode Island. “Partnering with BlueSquare with the financial and technical resources they offer has allowed us to develop our specialized payment solutions for the niche markets that we serve. We couldnt be happier to be working with such a leader in the industry.’ Said Peter Andromalos. ProPoint has established themselves as a leading payments company in the greater New England area for many years. They have built a loyal and diverse payments company and have aligned themselves with several financial institutions including Independence Bank and Peoples Credit Union. “We have been eager to acquire and partner with Pro Point for a few years, we’re happy that we were finally able to make this happen. ProPoint will continue to operate as ProPoint, BlueSquare will provide all aspects of operational support which will allow ProPoint to further develop their specialized healthcare payments products and broaden their Financial Institution Relationships.” Said Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare.

31 Mar

Secure Choice Merchant Services

BlueSquare is pleased to annouce the acquisition of Secure Choice Merchant Services located in Utah. Secure Choice, a First Data Registered ISO will continue to operate as Secure Choice Merchant Services and focus on growing thier sales initiatives by leveraging the service and support of BlueSquare’s operational capabilities. “We are excited about this partnership with Secure Choice given their track record of growth and sales initiatives. We are opening another office in Utah with Secure Choice that will predominantly focus on financing to our fast growing customer base.” Said Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare. “We were looking for not only a sale but a go forward partnership and after proposals from several other ISO’s, we felt the best fit was doing a deal with BlueSquare for several reasons including the operations/support infrastructure they have. We understand how to drive a high volume of sales however functioning as a FIrst Data ISO has its challenges, we virtually eliminate opertions alltogether and just focus on driving sales under this new partnership.” Said Cameron Montgomery, CEO of Secure Choice Merchant Services.

27 Mar

Patriot Advance

BlueSquare is pleased to announce the purchase of two portfolios sold by Patriot Advance in New York, NY. Patriot had built two solid portfolios with Priority Payment Systems and Integrity Payment Systems and will largely using the liquidity to continue to grow their cash advance business. BlueSquare continues to be the go to group for ISO’s and Agents looking to maximize the sale value of their portfolio(s) or obtain loans against thier bank card residuals.

05 Mar


BlueSquare is pleased to announce the acquisition of a Signature Card Services Portfolio sold by SBS. SBS has a long history that exists with BlueSquare having used several other portfolios as collateral to obtain multiple working capital loans. BlueSquare is pleased that we were able to provide SBS with the needed liquidity by selling one of their residuals they had built over the years with Signature Card Services.

04 Mar

Flat Fee Merchant Services

BlueSquare is pleased to announce we have provided a second round of funding to FFMS in Atlanta, GA. FFMS used several portfolos as collateral to obtain thier second working capital facility from BlueSquare. “BlueSquare is pleased to provide this second piece of financing to FFMS who continues to grow at an impressive pace.” Said Nick Glimcher and Sabin Burrell, Co-Founders of BlueSquare. “By providing this needed new tranche of capital at a very competitve rate and term, it allows FFMS to execute on their growth strategy, helping other payment space companies with working capital or strcutured liquidity events is at the core of our business.” Said Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare.

03 Jan

Cash Advance JV

BlueSquare is pleased to announce a new funding commitment to an MCA Joint Venture. Under the new agreement, BlueSquare is comitting an additional One Million Two Hundred Thousand dollars ($1,200,000.00) in 2014 on top of the investment of Six Hundred Thousand Dollars ($600,000.00) we made in 2013 bringing our equity investment to nearly Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00). “As evidenced by several transactions completed last year and several in the works this year, BlueSquare is constantly looking for creative ways to add value and provide debt and or equity into our sales partners businesses. By utilizing bankcard residuals as well as RTR as a form of collateral is something that many specialty lenders and others in the payment space have a tough time getting comfortable with. We are pleased with our year ending 2013 performance and have subsequently made another sizeable commitment for 2014” Said Nick Glimcher and Sabin Burrell, Co-Founders of BlueSquare.

13 Dec

Data One Payment Solutions

BlueSquare is pleased to announce the acquisition of Data One Payment Solutions, A First Data Registered ISO located in the greater Boston, MA. area. “The partnership we are able to create with Marc Thomas, the President & CEO of Data One, was just as important to us as the portfolio acquisition itself” said Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder of BlueSquare. “Whenever we can complete a portfolio acquisition and structure a partnership with the seller to drive additional long term value, that is really a home run for both buyer and seller” said Sabin Burrell and Nick Glimcher, Co-Founders of BlueSquare.

29 Nov

e-Pay Commerce

BlueSquare is pleased to announce the acquisition of e-Pay Commerce, an ISO of Ignite Payments, a First Data Subsidiary. e-Pay Commerce and BlueSquare have additionally agreed to terms of a new ISO Agreement with BlueSquare and will promote BlueSquare Bank Card Services to their growing base of POS customers located predominantly throughout the North East and in partcular, Pennsylvania, where BlueSquare already has a significant presence.

27 Nov

BankCard Zone

BlueSquare is pleased to announce the acquisition of a portfolio from BankCard Zone, a Priority Payment Systems Agent Office. The portfolio consisted of retail merchants located throughout Illinois.

19 Nov

Discount Payment Services

BlueSquare is pleased to announce the acquisition and funding of Discount Payment Services, an ISO of Harris Bank. Discount Payment Services has been a recognized leader in Electronic Payments for well over 10 years and has built an impressive portfolio consisting of many national brands as well as marque local merchants here in Arizona. With this partnership, BlueSquare will further expand our staff in our Corporate office as well as add an additional BlueSquare office in the East Valley. “This partnership continues to keep BlueSquare well ahead of all the competition in our local market of Arizona which is important to us as this is the community we invest in by continuing to add local jobs and contributions to some of our favorite local charities” said Nick Glimcher and Sabin Burrell, Co-Founder’s of BlueSquare.