Gift cards are now becoming more common at small and midsize retailers as consumer demand continues to rise.
By shifting your business from paper certificates to plastic cards, you can take advantage of this highly lucrative sales opportunity. BlueSquare can help you take the gift card and make them work for your business.

Paycloud Business - Tablet-Based Loyalty Software

Without requiring an integration, Paycloud Business offers businesses an easy-to-use loyalty solution that can be used to earn and redeem rewards
as well as issue and redeem gift cards. Customers may use a plastic loyalty card or a mobile app to enroll, earn points and redeem rewards.

CardWorks - Loyalty Software for Businesses with Credit Card Terminals

CardWorks enables businesses to run a loyalty rewards program and gift card program through an existing credit card processing terminal at their point of sale.

Spend Programs

Reward customers with loyalty credit for the amount they spend at your business, whether through purchases at a physical location
or through an ecommerce web site.

Points Programs

Award loyalty points for any type of engagement – monetary or non-monetary. Each engagement may be worth a variable number of loyalty points.

Tiered Programs

Segment customers with a tiered loyalty program that rewards based on the level of customer engagement. Loyalty tiers may be customized.

Punch Programs

A business may offer loyalty punches for the purchase of specific
items in store or online. Loyalty punches may be for items designated by a specific SKU or group of SKUs.

Visit Programs

This loyalty program awards loyalty credit based on the number of times the customer visits a location, web page or other brand asset.

Gift Programs

A business may sell gift cards in store or online and the value may be redeemed anywhere a customer makes a purchase.
Plastic cards and e-gift cards are available.